2022 4th International Conference on Energy Management and Applications Technologies

February 18-20, 2022, Hobart (Tasmania), Australia

Submission Guideline

All manuscripts (no less than full 5 pages) are submitted via the Submission System or email: icemat_conf@126.com. New authors should create an account prior to submitting a manuscript for consideration in Electronic Submission System.

Paper Template-Download

To help ensure correct formatting, please use the paper template above as templates for your submission. Violations of any of the above paper specifications may result in rejection of your paper. 

At the authors' choice, those works not suitable for publication can send us the abstract only, and give an oral presenation at the conference as well. The abstract will no be published.

Submission Note:

※ Number of Pages: The paper should be no less than 5 pages; (additional pages will be permitted at the cost of $50 per additional page if it exceeds 5 pages)

Policy on Plagiarism

All papers submitted to ICEMAT will be checked for plagiarism including self-plagiarism. If a paper is found to fall in the category of plagiarism, the paper will be automatically rejected. A list of Authors of the papers identified in the category of plagiarism will be forwarded to the press and your organization.